I have been on a spiritual search since the age of five, when I saw my father's pale and lifeless body in a casket, and I knew then and there that there was a vastness beyond this realm I could experience with my senses. I felt compelled to know what it was and how it operated, and how it affected me and all of us. I urged my mother who was Jewish to enroll me in Catholic School, which had been my father's request as well, and throughout my childhood the only subject that really interested me was religion. Who is running the show on this planet I wondered, and why does everyone seem so miserable??? Why is there war, why are we facing nuclear disaster, and why is everyone so freaked out about sexuality.... ??? All of this was very strange to my innocent young mind.

In the Catholic rituals, mass, benediction I would have mystical experiences of profound love, and passion for the world, and everyone in it and I wanted to hold the guy on the cross accountable for the words "On earth as it is in heaven". By the time I was eleven I was beginning to make a distinction between the Christ Consciousness and the dogma of religion, and also barely beginning to feel the impact of raging hormones, and the conflict of shame and guilt relative to parental, societal and religious taboos around sexuality.........I also recognize now that there was no one shining a light on the subject..... No one knew how to deal with sexuality other than to make it seem dark, dirty and dangerous. My hormones were pressing me in one direction, and my mind was restricting my flow in that direction. And when it didn't, there usually was hell to pay.

I thought this would all be alleviated when I got married, however it was not..... Now there were two of us deeply confused about our sexuality and two of us not free enough to openly discuss it. This eventually drove a wedge between my husband and myself and we divorced right around the same time as the "consciousness movement" was beginning to beckon seekers to explore their human potential. This new portal seemed like a thrilling opportunity to explore with other like-minded individuals what does it really mean to be fully human. Questions were being asked that took us past the edges of traditional thinking and traditional ways of being. I was now on an exhilarating frontier and was being guided from one teacher to the next.....as though I had landed on a giant escalator going somewhere, and it was all being orchestrated from somewhere I couldn't see. I lived in intentional community with Ken Keyes, Jr. "Handbook to Higher Consciousness", took the Est training and other personal growth trainings in hypnotherapy, Silva Mind Control, rebirthing, etc., and in 1982 took sannyas to Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, at Rajneespuram in Oregon where I was given the name Ma Anand Jivana (meaning The Bliss of Existence").

Osho, as Bhagwan is now called, is a Tantric Master, and refers to Tantra as the Supreme Understanding...... During my time in his buddhafield I came to know an unprecedented depth about myself, and about our collective human experience. Contrary to contemporary ideas about tantra, it is a vast, deep, life affirmative path which honors the beauty and fullness of sexuality, and expands beyond that to include all of our humanity. In this time I learned the art of dance meditation, to awaken and deepen the sensual feminine goddess essence that lives within, and I learned to flow with life. I was also able to explore the depths of my sexuality and sensuality and was freed to live as a fully sensual human being. I came to understand the enormous power of sexuality and the reasons for its repression due to lack of understanding and fear of its intensity. I participated in groups of many kinds from tantra groups to rebirthing, to encounter and so on, and trained in many healing modalities including BioIntegration Therapy, Reiki, hypnotherapy, yoga and Kripalu Dansekinetcs. I have also studied with other teachers of Tantra including Margo Anand, Bodhi MacKenzie Jordan, and many others......

And in 1990 I came to Scottsdale Arizona and began the work that I now call Tantric Healing Touch. In the past 10 years the people who have come to see me have been my teachers and they have blessed me with their openness, and their willingness to be present to the life force which propels them and all of us to know more aliveness, more sensuality, more connection to self, other and the infinite intelligence that animates all of life.

Love and intimacy are the root of what makes us sick and what makes us  well. I am not aware of any other factor in medicine - not diet, not  smoking, not exercise... not drugs, not surgery - that has a greater impact  on our  quality of life, incidence of illness and premature death."    -- Dean Ornish, "Love and Survival: The Scientific Basis for the Healing  Power of Intimacy"