"What on earth are we doing here if not making it our first priority to learn how we may best love and serve one another?"


A quote from David Deida

"Huge sexual energy necessitates huge love. The more you magnify desire through sex the more you must match the love to the size of your desire"

WE,.that's YOU and Me.... are the result of billions of years of biological evolution. And as Einstein said there is no energy lost to the universe, it is  all being continuously transformed. What we are IS energy, energy that is  continuously being transformed. But the new thing that is happening here, the new  paradigm that has recently come into the equation is the element of  consciousness, and that through the purposeful focusing of consciousness we can exert  some influence over that transformation.

What in the world does that have to do with Tantric Healing Touch??? JUST
EVERYTHING. Your body and mine too, is energy. It is a collaboration of  resonating vibrational frequencies. Those frequencies are what create our individual  and collective realities.

One of the most important aspects of the Tantric path is the slowing down of
mind and body so that the individual can tune into his or her own frequency,  to hear it, feel it, become intimate with it, and find his/her way into harmony  wholeness) with him or her self and with the rest of creation. It is similar  to the effect of meditation in that it inspires a sense of well-being, or  attunement with oneself and with all of life.

On the way to this sense of well-being "stuff" comes up. "Stuff" being the  vernacular for imprints or messages that caused contraction or pain that are  held in the bodymind but go unnoticed because of the constant noise of everyday  life and the habituation to one's everyday sense of self. Through the millennium of recorded history we have all taken on imprints and vibrations that were  violent and discordant, and that caused our energetic systems to close or  contract rather than open as the unbounded love of life. These may have come to us  as resonating frequencies in our DNA, as the history of our parents and  ancestral line, and through our culture and the collective consciousness that we are  always a part of. And we became so merged with them that most of the time we  just think this is WHO I am and HOW it is.

In my sessions I work from a place of "open attention". What that means is I  have no pre-conceived agenda other than to guide you into a place of deeper  relaxation than is usually felt, so that you can experience more of you beyond your  personality, and your current identity, i.e., husband, wife, father, mother,  lawyer, cab driver, Indian Chief, healthy, not so healthy, whatever... Because  all of the information that you need for your transformation is contained in  the cells and atoms of your body, and can emerge for clearing and release offering you a revitalized sense of aliveness and well being.

Tantra is actually called Tantra Yoga and in yogic terms the time frame we  are in right now is called the Kali Yuga. It is said that in the time of the  Kali Yuga all of the world's negativity will come up for clearing so that we may  live in a new era of love and peace. Guess where this clearing happens???  In and through our very own bodies!!!

Relationships, sexual and emotional intimacy are in a very challenging place  right now, (in case you hadn't noticed) because most people have incorrect  impressions of what exactly is happening. And few have learned how to deeply  nourish themselves, so how can they nourish another??? Since the sexual revolution of the 60's images of sex abound, and sexual  stimulation can be activated almost anywhere, anytime. But has human happiness and  fulfillment proportionately increased??? No, the opposite is true. Millions  are on anti anxiety and anti depressant medication, impotence and premature  ejaculation are widespread problems as are the escalating cases of reproductive  malfunction and cancer. Women are plagued by eating and image disorders and the  alienation from self, other grows as a modern day nightmare.  Is there any solution you may wonder??? Yes, of course there is, we are never  given a problem without the possibility for a solution. And the solution is a  deepening and expansion of love.............a remembering, a reawakening of  what drives us, what motivates us to want to be sensual, sexual in the first  place. At the core of our being we long to know and live in the exhilaration of  love. And I am not speaking of the love of romantic fantasy, but of a deeper  more profound love, the love of existence itself. It is that love that is the  foundation of who and what you are and when you touch, and begin to live in  that love, everything changes. It can change your life your health, your  relationships, your sensuality and sexuality.

And all you have to do is to learn to relax, more and more deeply ... to relax and free fall into being all of you, more of you..... of who you REALLY are.