What is TANTRA????

Tantra is an ancient spiritual path that originated in the East many  thousands of years ago, and is moving into our Western culture in response to the  urgent need for a reevaluation of how we live our contemporary lives. Tantra is  one of the rare spiritual paths that says a huge "YES" to life in all of it's  manifestations and therefore includes our sensuality and sexuality as aspects of  our divinity, and validates them as deeply relevant to our yearning to live  in happiness, peace, health and abundance.

Although TANTRA is becoming known in pop culture as a way to prolong orgasm,  or have more or better sex, this is only a small part of the vastness of  Tantra, but that which is most suppressed in an individual or in a culture usually  expresses for clearing first. This is why Tantra is becoming known as a sexual  path rather than a spiritual path. There are many valuable teachings that  originated in the East thousands of years ago that are infiltrating into the West  for a very positive affect. Consider that just ten years ago you might have  thought of yoga and meditation as weird and occult, and now there is a yoga  studio in almost every city in the U.S. The same will be true of TANTRA.

How will TANTRIC HEALING TOUCH feel different from a regular massage???

Depending on what type of massages and bodywork you have experienced it may  or may not actually 'feel' different. Someone who is doing massage is generally  physically focused. They are feeling muscles, joints, tendons, working with  range of motion, etc.working out tension points, etc. Someone who is  tantrically based is more interested in the energy body, in soothing and nurturing the  being so that he or she may come more into balance, feel happier, freer, more  alive, more sensual.