One of the Sexiest Men Alive

Once upon a time a few years ago I was invited to go to an event at Unity of Phoenix. It was a traveling Buddhist relics exhibition. There, hosting the event, was a celibate Buddhist Rinpoche'. He was adorable if that word can be said about a large Asian monk, fully covered in a long saffron gown.  At first it was difficult to place what I was feeling. And then he spoke. His voice seemed to emanate from somewhere around his heart and extend outward in the sweetest vibratory embrace of the hundreds of people gathered in the sanctuary.

I was stoned from his energy. Given my American cultural heritage, I just wanted to take him home to bed and hold him captive for about a month.

I didn't need his penis inside of me, although I likely wouldn't have turned it down, but I just wanted to merge my body, mind and spirit with his. There would be no unnecessary lingerie, no tawdry trappings of contrived seduction, no unnecessary words, no unnecessary movement, no unnecessary anything. Just me, and this remarkable spiritual teddy bear, dissolved in the bliss of existence.

A few days after the event, the foundation that he was the leader of held a yard sale in a neighborhood across town. I went mostly to see if I could arrange to be be near this most extraordinary man. He arrived a bit later than I wearing khaki's and a slightly faded reddish orange t-shirt.

I got to banter with him politely as if I didn't know who he was. And he certainly didn't know who I was and all of that was just fine. However, standing next to him felt like standing next to the Dalai Llama in blue jeans if you can imagine what that might be like.

It seemed as though he was a storage battery of love and sexual potency. And once again, and I didn't let on, but I was feeling stoned. No drugs...just energy. Intoxicating and oh so sweet.

What was that? That palpable energy...that magnetism. I couldn't stop thinking about it, about him, and asking myself the same questions in different ways over and over again.Was it his obvious absence of grasping, of clinging, of manipulation, of lust? Was it his pure, and total dedication to making the world a better place? Was it his obvious reverence and respect for women, and for every living creature on the earth?

I guess it was all of that, and then some. It seems he had fully opened his central channel to all of life in a deep dedication to all beings. WOW!!....He wasn't obsessed with the pleasure and stimulation of his penis. He wasn't looking around for someone else to make him whole or happy. His whole being was a non-aggressive fully erect phallus. And surrounding him was the fragrance of sweet love.

And who knows? Maybe it was just me moving on from my adolescent Catholic schoolgirl fantasy of seducing the priests and altar boys away from their fragile and not so believable piety...

But...... I don't really think so...

Rinpoche' is a Tantric Buddhist monk, as is the Dalai Llama. And there is indeed something very, very sexy about being with one's sexual energy and cultivating it as a force for good in the world.

Very, very sexy!

At least for me.