Sessions can be done in person or by phone and/or email when paid prior to the appointment.

  • Tantric Healing Touch   *A loving, conscious touch session
    A gentle nurturing hands on session which enables the body to relax very deeply, feeling an infusion of love to heal and harmonize your body, mind and
    spirit. Can range from one to two hours
  • *Learn the art of Loving Touch ..... in our culture we have not been trained how to give to one another in ways that allow us to open. I teach individuals and couples  how to give a beautiful and sensual "touching" experience that encourages healing and intimacy.
  • Deepen your understanding of Tantric lovemaking
  • Awakening sensuality through movement.  Learn to connect with your sensuality through the modalities of movement meditation and Yogarhythymics
  • Tantric living guidance
  • Exploring options in Holistic Healing and Rejuvenation *Counseling and support
    *Holistic guidance for general health, sexual health and rejuvenation.
  • Emotional Release and Clearing
    Allowing the space for deep clearing, cleansing of the body mind and spirit to make room for new life and love. Healing wounds of abuse, abandonment, betrayal.
  • Reiki
    Is an ancient healing modality that works with life force energy to heal and balance. It is completely safe, very pleasurable and offers a profound level of relaxation.


Tantric Healing Touch

Is a deeply relaxing, soothing, and sensual way to allow the body to open so that the discordant energy accumulated in the living of modern life can melt away, and you  are freed to remember how it feels to feel loved and relaxed. You will enter a beautiful environment, with soft music playing and you will be invited to disrobe to any degree that you feel comfortable. I run my healing hands over your body to smooth the auric field, (energy field.... yes, the energy field around your body is a real thing) and calm it from the many chaotic influences of traffic, supermarkets,  stock market fluctuations, lines at the bank, etc.....the busyness of daily life.............and as you relax into the table these influences begin to seem like a distant memory, and the sweetness and sensuality of a heavenly touch in a heavenly environment begins to flood your bodymind with a new perception of reality. Touching lightly my highly energized hands dance over your entire body waking up the places that have gone to sleep and calming those that are screaming at you. You are encouraged to take a deep breath and allow yourself to release deeper and deeper into relaxation. Heated fragrance-free lotion is soothed and smoothed into your skin and musculature covering the entire body head to toe, skin to bones, caressing anxieties and tensions and offering them up for release..... thus making  way for a feeling of deep peace, wholeness and integration.

A Course in Tantric Bliss offered by A Modern Day Dakini

This course includes TEN hours of transformative work with a modern day master of Tantric Healing Touch. It is comprised of FIVE 2 hour sessions that may span one, two or three months. It's objective is to take you on a journey towards higher consciousness and Sacred Sexuality that will shift your relationship to the spiritual and sensual forever. It is derived from  many extraordinary healers and teachers that have transmitted teachings to me during my personal journey towards liberation . Every precious moment is guaranteed to be a magical co-creation!!!
This outline represents a possible curriculum for this journey.  However, I'm always guided by the dynamic subtle energies of the moment.  I co-create according to your issues, sensitivities and desires to  learn and grow.

In the 1st Session

We will begin to get to know one another. I am a dakini...which means that I am highly conscious of my own energy and especially sensitive to the flow of energy in and around me. You will feel this and begin to learn about this sensitivity as if by osmosis. It is suggested that you come with an attitude of surrender to the wisdom of the dakini as I see patterns that may have been eluding you, but have been tripping you up repeatedly. Some patterns are given up easily and others take time. You will have my patience and understanding in the seeing of and letting go of undesirable patterns, and my support in the embracing of new ones that bring you the results you desire. Sessions most likely will include the deep relaxation of Tantric HealingTouch which is a weaving of a variety of modalities similar to a soothing and sensual massage, Reiki, hypnotic voice suggestion, and dialog to encourage you to let go of stress and body armoring. This will begin to restore you to a more fluid way of being, aliveness and enhanced capacity to flow with life.

In the 2nd Session

You will begin to have a deeper understanding of what a Tantric Loving Relationship might look like with yourself, your life, and a partner if that is your choice. One can live tantrically in many forms of relationship, it is not about a specific form, and sometimes it is about accepting the changing forms, which presents themselves as we grow and change. In this session I may introduce  you to practices especially designed for you at your current stage of receptivity and awareness You will continue to become more highly sensitive to your own flow of energy and consequently of mine, as a way of experiencing and responding to 'other'.

In the 3rd Session

You will learn about the art of sensual touch. There is a definite art to receiving energy and deepening in your receptivity to that energy, just as there is an art to the giving of energy in such a way that it causes another to open more and more fully to you, to your touch, and to themselves and to their own life force. This is an essential skill in becoming a nourishing and sensual partner.

In the 4th Session

We will be working with the energy of the heart. The heart is the fourth chakra and now is the time on our planet that we heal and fulfill the energy of power and begin to open into the energy of love. Personal love, universal love and divine love.
After a certain amount of time on this planet most of us carry wounds that have caused us to contract or close. That was a successful strategy to protect us and enable us to move along in life but living with a closed heart has a numbing or deadening effect. As you being to feel safe and sensual and comfortable with me and with our journey together, your heart will naturally begin to open, and you will begin to rise in love... In love with you, and with this great mystery that we live, together.

In the 5th Session

We will play!!! We will invoke your inner child, see where he or she is afraid to come out and play,... and we will coax the little bugger out!!! God only knows what will happen in this session, but we will have fun..............          IF you're ready for it!!!
Ultimately you will awaken a sensitivity to yourself, your body, your partner(s) past, present and future. You will be well on you way to liberation from enculturated shame and guilt, to releasing past unfinished emotional baggage, to a deeper sense of connectedness to life, yourself and your partner if you have one...And a rejuvenated sensitivity and joyful connection with the world around you..... and within you. You may find that you laugh more easily, and see incredibly beauty in things that were 'just there' before.

These sessions are available to men, women and couples

Some of the things that will be included

Learning to create a safe and sensual space condusive to Sacred Loving

Healing the wounds of abuse, or sexuality disconnected from love

Remembering the god/goddess within

Identifying whether you are initiating from your inner male or your inner female.

And more.......

Deepak Chopra:    “Sexual ecstasy and  exhilaration of the spirit are the same experience in different disguises”