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it's not a 'place' and you don't have to die to get there...it's a state of consciousness that happens in and through OUR very own bodies.  As a matter of fact we are hard-wired for it!  My name is JIVANA.  I received that name in 1982 from the Indian Tantric Master Osho, and it means the bliss of life, or the bliss of existence.  During my time in his 'Buddhafield' I experienced Samadhi through intimate tantric sexual union, and for the past 16 years I have been teaching from a place of having known the reality rather than just the idea.  I work with men and women through my gifts of touch and insight to help clear away the obstructions to bliss....  I do not seduce, imply, or offer any fantasies, but rather assist ones who are ready to clear an honest pathway to the bliss of their own existence in this here and now reality.I wish to support and assist in grounding the reality of Heaven on Earth, in and through OUR very own bodies.

Namaste beloveds, I honor the place where you and I are ONE